In sport betting especially in The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies, the option of games is always between straight-forward bets and vast-option bets. If you feel that way, 1×2 may be a great option to try. Here’s an easy explanation of soccer odds 1×2. The gameplay is simple, but it offered the ‘draw’ bet lacking in straightforward bets.

An Easy Explanation of Soccer Odds 1×2

  • Even though the name may sound peculiar, this betting option is actually straightforward – which is betting between the team or for a draw. There’s no option to bet for the ‘loser’ as well. It’s basically options to bet between ‘win’ or ‘draw’.
  • The concept is similar to money line.
  • The Home Team is presented by 1. Home Team is the team hosting the match.
  • The Away Team is presented by 2. Away Team is the guest team coming for the match.
  • The draw option is presented by X
  • In this game, bettors are allowed to combine bets. There are pair combinations and triple combination.
  • Pair combinations are combination of two bets. There’s three types:
  • 1x, which means betting for Home Team and Draw
  • x2, which means betting for Draw and Away Team
  • 1 2, which means betting for Home Team and Away Team at the same time
  • Triple combination is betting for every option. So, triple combination would be called 1×2.
  • Counting the odds isn’t any different with any different of bets. Just multiply the wager money used with the odds. Example:

A bettor bets for 1x. The odds are 1 – 3,30 and x – 5,0. The bettor’s bet 100 dollars for each.

Therefore, there are two chances;

  • If the Home Team wins, the bettor will get 100 x 3,30 = 330 dollars
  • If the match resulted draw, the bettor will get 100 x 5,0 = 500 dollars

To count on other results, the method isn’t any different. Just count up the wager money and the odds.

  • The probability of winning is shown by the odds. Usually, the lower ones are the one likely to win.

Please note that even though 1×2 may seems like a simpler version of Asian Handicap, it is actually different. 1×2 doesn’t offer vast results like Parlay or Asian Handicap does. It is just as similar to straightforward bets as it doesn’t have the option to bet on ‘who’s losing’ nor goal margin. Also, 1×2 doesn’t require perfection like parlay. Bettors can bet on multiple matches and leagues and each of the bet will be counted as single bets instead of a unity like in Parlay.

Here you have it, an easy explanation of soccer odds 1×2. It is really simple and straightforward. For those who likes to do multiple single bets and multitask with other bets such as total score or half time/ full time, this bet can be an option as the planning wouldn’t be far-fetched.

*In United States, the number of Home Team and Away team are swapped. The Away Team is referred as 1, while Home Team as 2. The rule above associates more with United Kingdom’s display.