Roulette gains its popularity among the gamblers over the world. This is a simple game that offers a great wager on it. This game does not need you to study much about the strategy of the game. This game tends to use your luck than strategy. This is one of basic reason why players play it. There are two main types in online roulette. There are American and European roulette. They may look similar and identical for the novice gamblers. In fact, there is one version that is consider from players’ perspective. Here we provide the Disadvantage of American roulette wheel.

Disadvantage of American Roulette Wheel

  • The Different Number of Spinning Wheel

Novice bettors may see that the number of pocket in American spinning wheel has same number pocket compared to European Roulette. In fact, the pocket number is different. American Roulette has 38 pockets. It consists of 36 red and black numbers and 2 green numbers. Meanwhile European has 37 pockets on the spinning wheel. It consists of 36 red and black number and one green number.

The difference is that American Roulette has 2 green number, 0 and 00. You may wonder the differences. Actually, they have same function. If the ball is on the green pocket or on the 0 or double zero, you lose your bets. You can check out Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia for the live version of this game.

  • House Edge

Whether you are professional or novice bettors, you are looking for the best calculation of house edge. The smaller number of house edge is, the great wager or opportunities you get.

Many studies explain that American Roulette has 5,26 percent of house edge. This number is almost doubled than European roulette. It means that for 100 coins you bet, you have chance to lose just 5,26. Meanwhile, European Roulette is 2,70 percent or it is lower 1/37 than American system. It occurs because American Roulette has double green numbers.

Another effect is that the bookmaker will gain the advantage of his system. You can imagine that the bettors will lose their money when the ball is on the green number. So, the winning chance is reduced to 50 percent and the bookmaker will gain money from increasing chance in green number.

  • En Prison Rule

En Prison Rule means that players have opportunity to spin the wheel again when they bet on the red or black number but the result indicates that the ball is on the 0 or on the green number. Briefly, this system offer you a second chance to get win.

Unfortunately, this advantage system does not offer in American Roulette. If the ball is on the green number, regardless in single 0 or double 00, you lose your wager. There is no second chance to fix that.

We do not provide information to avoid American Roulette. Of course, each system has positive and negative effect. We only warn you to step carefully in playing American Roulette. If American Roulette offers you a sensational atmosphere, you can place bet on it. Hopefully, the list of Disadvantage of American roulette wheel help you to move carefully on American Roulette.