Not only is Roulette game famous, it’s also simple. But no matter how simple a game is, you still need to learn some particular things to increase your possibility to win. One of the things that you can work with is learning the betting options. Do you know that there are four betting option that always win in online Roulette?

Four Betting Option that Always Win in Online Roulette

The words ‘always win’ don’t literally mean you will have that 100% winning probability without any single loss. It is obviously impossible in any casino game. There will be a time when you lose your bet as there will be the time where you will have back to back winning.

What the words mean is actually you always win over the sometimes-unfair house edge and over the big payout. Besides, those words also refer to the biggest possibility for you to win the game. Here we go with the list.

#1 Red/Black Betting

Betting with this option simply means you are betting on either red or black color. You decide which color will win. As the name suggest, there are the marks of red and black on the Roulette table.

This betting option offers 1:1 payout, meaning that you will receive 1 chip plus your original bet. The odds of this betting option are slightly between the one in European Roulette and in American Roulette. In European Roulette, your chance of winning is at 48.65%, while in the American Roulette, the odds are at 47.37%.

The house edge between those two types of Roulette is also different. The American Roulette tends to be higher, which is at 5.26%, while the European Roulette is only at 2.7%.

#2 Even/Odds

Another best betting option in online Roulette is Even/Odds betting. As the name suggest, you are betting on either even or odd number, depend on which one you think will be selected by the spun ball. This betting is marked as “even” and “odd” on the Roulette table.

Choosing this betting option will actually leave you with the same percentage with the ones in Red/Black betting. Besides, the payout system is also the same. Note, these betting options are perfect to practice at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, the casino with the best value for money.

#3 Low/High

Choosing this betting option will leave you with the option of selecting between the low numbers (1 – 18) and the high numbers (19 – 36). This betting option has exactly the same percentage of chance of winning on both types of Roulette and of the house edge and also the payout with the previous two betting options.

#4 Dozens

The last best betting is Dozens. Dozens betting means you are betting on a set (a dozen) of numbers in order. The sets of the numbers are: first 12, second 12, and third 12 which covers the ball landing on numbers 1 – 12, 13 – 24, and 25 – 36 respectively.

This betting option offers 2:1 payout. The odd is pretty lower compared to the previous betting options. In European Roulette, the odd is 32.43% with the house edge of 2.7%, while in the American Roulette; the odd is 31.58% with the house edge of 5.26%.

There are still plenty of betting options available in playing online Roulette. However, the other betting options offer higher house edge and lower odds. Those four betting option that always win in online Roulette are actually enough to be your warning whenever you want to kick off a Roulette game.