In Football, there’s no lack of sports events, championship leagues, minor leagues, etc. on which you can wager on if you are looking for additional action. Every 4 years, you can bet on World Cup, and other prominent leagues in Malaysia such as Malaysia Premier League, Malaysia Super League, Malaysia Cup, Asian Football Confederation, AFC Cup and Malaysia FA Cup. Furthermore, on some online sports betting websites, you can bet on major European leagues, Central American, and South American. Usually betting sites offer a wide range of soccer leagues. But, not all country fully legalize gambling like in Malaysia. Now, the question is how to bet on online football matches in Malaysia?

How to Bet on Online Football Matches in Malaysia?

Before you start betting and make money on online soccer betting, make sure that you have enough access to betting sites like The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. Additionally, you need to have information on the matches like previous match of the team, player injuries etc. That way you can make smart money bets. That’s the least thing you can do to improve your winning odds.

It is also advisable to watch entire games and highlights and reading play-by-play commentaries can be also very helpful. Most new online bettors start placing their wagers on sports like Football without having the detailed information and knowing certain kinds of bets that can be made. Do not be this type of bettors.

After that, all you have to do now is to look for a foreign bookie. It is a risk free method compared to betting on land bookies. Especially in Malaysia, like said earlier, gambling there is not fully legal so you have to go on online sports betting websites. Make sure that the site you are going to choose is fully accredited and licensed to operate, so that in the future you wouldn’t have any worries.

Know the Basic Types of Wagers in Football

Betting on Football matches is not that easy, the game can end in a Tie. Which means that you will have to wager on three choices. If you bet on a match, you will see a spread ranging from 0 to 2 goals. Spreads can be on any of these: 0, 0.5, 1.5 and 2.

First and Second-Half Wagers

You can also place a bet on first-half and second-half of a game. First-half means that the odds are posted before the game starts. Second-half is made quickly between short 10-minute break halves, which means that they have more value than first-half wagers.

Over or Under

Football Over or Under wagers is determined by the previous performances of a team or player like goalkeeping, defense, and offense. It typically ranges from ½ goal up to 4 ½ goals. Note that you need to be very careful in these wager. Make sure you understand how a defense can greatly affect an offense’s efforts.


The types of wager mentioned are only some of the most used, there are others that might be complicated to understand by new bettors.