Here at the Dragon or Tiger that those players that just want to play the game is without using these strategies or a card counting process. Where the best options is not to stick to the Dragon or the Tiger betting options. Learning live dragon tiger how to play, bet correctly and win big is a big help for online players.

The house edge for this bet are 3.73% and definitely it’s the lowest of all the possible betting. Just to bet correctly that you would think that the Dragon hand or the Tiger hand it will have all the higher ranking cards. On these bets you can also play real money.

Live Dragon Tiger How to Play, Bet Correctly and Win Big

It is very simple when the game and the fact that every little cards are being dealt with each deal making it even more easier to count the cards and will keep the track on how many or small or how big it is the cards have been dealt with.

The mostly important in playing this at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, is that you can keep the tracking on how many 7s are been dealt with because no matter what we bet you will make if there is a 7 drawn and you will lose your bet.

Uses of Suit-Based Strategically

As you can say the Dragon Tiger at  is the game where the luck are the greatest factor, and it is true but that doesn’t mean that there are not a way of playing it strategically. In the best way to keep track is to just watch which is suit first or where have been dealt the most bet.

Which amplify that the best betting of this strategy is the suit betting options that can make you win big. An example, that the calculation on how many suit cards are in playing and how many decked have been using. If the estimating show that after some time these club suit are having played the least beforehand, and your best options are would be to bet correctly on the clubs.

Live Dragon Tiger How to Play, Bet Correctly and Win Big
Live Dragon Tiger How to Play, Bet Correctly and Win Big

Don’t Tie the Bet it is the Worst Case Scenario

Here lies the betting procedure you can make Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia that is tie to bet and there to make you big bucks, because it pays 8 to 1. And this may very seem attractive, but there is the best thing to avoid it because of the house edges on this bet is 32.77% its very high percentage so be careful.

On this calculations are very simple and from all the possible 82,320 on hands combinations the only outcomes will be only 6,488 were ties so the actual there are approximately 79,872 cases that the players will lose.

And this will make it pretty tough obviously that the tie bet is one or the more difficult betting in Dragon Tiger. The most suited Tie Bet is now even more worse only a handful of approximately 1,456 outcomes can be suited a tie but this bet have the win big on all betting options.

The Betting Systems are not going to Work on Dragon Tiger

Here some of the players are going to suggest the uses of betting systems on Dragon Tiger it is because is very simple in the game. But little do they will know that there is no one have been reported that the betting system has brought up to him a win big money when he play at the Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website casino games.

Therefore don’t be fooled by yourself and not noticing the game itself or just playing whatever comes just play the game without them.