April marks the beginning of the MLB season which brings in a season of excitement and money. Along with the professional baseball players, a new kind of players, namely, the bettors look ahead for a long season of glory and money. Baseball is one of the most watched sports around the world, but oddly among all the major sports, it is the one which receives least number of bets at online bookmakers. A large number of bettors do not understand how the odds and point spread works in baseball. The one that do cross this basic qualification to bet on it get tangled while trying to manipulate the money line and run line. Here are some collection of strategies to win baseball sports betting.

Strategies to Win Baseball Sports Betting


Since the scores in an average baseball match are very low, the most common way of betting is to put money on moneyline. Betting on moneyline simply means to pick a winner. The moneyline determines amount of money put in to amount won. The team which is the favourite to win has the highest negative number while the underdog team has a lower negative number. In common parlance, a moneyline is listed with a $100 bet. Smaller odds are given to the favourites, that is, the bettor receives wins relatively lesser money than the money put in.

While the larger odds are given by online sportsbook or bookmakers to underdogs. As the statistical probability of victory of such a team is lower than the favorite, the money won if bet on them is higher. Though, the public usually bets on the favourites. Another factor to bet on online sportsbook such as QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookie where the favorites is the long season of MLB. By winning small amounts per game a bettor amasses size-able wealth by the end of a season.

Run Line

In the run line betting system the favourites to win the match lose some runs of their total score. Usually, 1.5 or points are deducted from the score of the favorites. This is much more riskier than betting on moneyline. As baseball is sport with low scores, often the favourites end up losing on the betting market despite winning the match. Although, as the risk is greater the reward too is higher when compared to moneyline betting. People often bet in this manner when the favourites are overwhelmingly stronger than the underdogs.


Unlike other sports, the pitcher of a team is arguably the most important player in a team. A good pitcher is the difference between victory and defeat. Betting on a team based on the pitcher starting the match is also common parlance. Bettors are often equipped with the latest knowledge about pitcher line up and the rotation line up. If a team changes its pitcher before the match then the moneyline is also changed. Many a times bettors bet specifically on the pitchers and if the pitcher doesn’t play then the bet is called off.

Total Baseball Betting

In total baseball betting the bets are placed on the total runs scored. These runs are compared to the bar set by the bookmaker. The bettors win if they bet on more runs than the benchmark set. Each team has 27 batters and thus 27 outs to score the maximum possible runs. Though this strategies to win baseball sports betting requires extensive research into both offense and defense and is very time consuming.