What is RNG and how does it work? The answer for these questions are important and helpful for petty gamblers if they plan to win the game. After all, there is no such thing as “random”. It doesn’t mean that the gambling house could play fair, either. The point is you and your fellow slot game player might lose the bet because you don’t know how the RNG works yet.

What is RNG and How Does It Work?

Random Number Generator or popular as RNG is a computer program that pick numbers. For new slot machine players, these numbers are just randomly taken. In fact, the machine program is made from structured algorithm and seed number. This is why RNG is actually hack-able. The challenging part would be finding out which operation the machine using; multiplication, addition, division, subtraction, etc.

Another problem would be guessing the seed number. Each millisecond, the result as well as the seed number will be altered. How? By taking the last two digit and do the mathematics calculation. Finding the algorithm calculation is not too difficult, since there are some of them. If a lucky picker could crack the algorithm, he would be rich in a night.

How It Works In Online Slots?

The moment online slot machine spins, RNG system will roll million random numbers. Only when you click “play” button, the calculation stops and display the randomly picked number on the screen. The second, and even millisecond, really determine the number it will point at. Online slots also has fix program published to all the bettors. It will pay out 92 to 98% of the money you bet.

No matter once, twice or hundred times, your betting money will be calculated. In the other words, there is no such thing as doomed click or lucky hands. RNG is installed in online slots because it could keep the “random” state equally for all players.

How To Tell That The RNG Is Fair?

If the slot machine players are planning not to be cheated, the first step is going to the certified and reputable house of gambling or casinos online that is recommended for visit is the Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The machines installed in these famous places are always evaluated. It is important to test the fair computerized system. To ensure the result, the evaluation is given by third party Company, usually referred as Technical System Testing (TST).

The company provides wide range of RNG testing for online or real slot machine. Some evaluated aspects are game and mathematics evaluation, game payout verification and reporting, poker system audits, etc. It is almost similar to annual audit in a normal company. If the casinos pass the test, they will get little badge from TST evaluators. The “Fair” badge means that the machine really pick random numbers.

Now that you know what is RNG and how does it work, the first rule in playing games is mastering the field and everything within. With this said, all slot game players with enough knowledge about the way RNG works have bigger chance to win compared to those who don’t. Since you are scrolling this far, why don’t you play the game set by random number generator, what it means in slot betting? Wish you the best of luck!