Why a bettor need to avoid the tie bet in baccarat game? In baccarat game whether in a land based or online casino site like Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia, a bettor needs to choose to bet among three options; banker, tie, and player. Banker and player both have the same chances to let a bettor wins the bet. The tie bet is basically a bet that the banker and the player will have the same result so there is no the winner. But, almost every bettor says that tie bet should be avoided.

Why A Bettor Need to Avoid the Tie Bet in Baccarat Game?

  • It Will Suck Up Your Money

Tie bet is really tantalizing because you can get that big amount of money. But, here is the thing. It is nearly impossible to get the tie result between banker and player. A bettor needs more than a bunch of luck to get the money from betting on a tie.

The house edge or advantage of tie bet is really high. It can be more that 12%. This will definitely make you lose your money more than betting on banker or player. Betting on banker or player will only cost you around 1.2% for the house edge, it means that you should lose your $1.2 for $100. But, if you bet on the tie, you should lose $12 for the house edge, ten times bigger than banker’s and player’s house edge.

Will it be advantageous to bet on tie and combine with banker or player? The answer is a big no. Tie bet will only give you more lose, since it will also combine the house edge, not only the winning money.

For example, you bet on banker and tie at the same time, for $100. Then, you will lose 1.2%from banker’s house edge and 12% from tie’s house edge. If they are combined together, it will be 13.2% house edge. Then you will lose for about $13.2 which is bigger that the house edge in the tie bet itself. A bettor will not need that kind of unnecessary loss.

  • There are Better Options

The main point is, if there are other options that better than tie bet, why should a bettor choose the tie bet? Placing a bet on banker or player is more beneficial than on tie. The house edges are low, so a bettor will not lose that big amount of money.

Although a bettor should pay 5% for betting in the banker side, it will be okay as the 5% will be replaced by the winning money in a row. Banker is usually won, so that 5% will be nothing compared to winning money. In tie bet, the house edge is too high and the possibility to win is low, so it is better to bet on the banker.

Those are the reason why a bettor need to avoid the tie bet in baccarat game. Just do not even think to place a bet on tie if you don’t understand the risk. There are better options to choose. Get money as many as possible and avoid the loss as much as you can. Happy betting!